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This is the guideline for the self-quarantine for those who have tested positive or become a close contact.

















The guidelines for the self-quarantine for positive cases and close contacts have been changed. We would like to inform you of the current standards. (Dec, 2022)


If symptoms are present

PCR positive → 7 days of home treatment is required, with the day of symptom onset as day 0.

If PCR negative, there is no restriction unless you are a close contact. As a precaution, stay at home and recuperate during the period when you have symptoms.


If there are no symptoms

PCR positive → You need to stay at home for 7 days with the day of the test as day 0.

If you are a negative PCR test result, there is no restriction if you are not a close contact.


If you are a close contact

If there are no symptoms, the day when infection control measures were taken (wearing a mask, separate room, etc.) should be set as day 0, and home treatment for5 days is required.

If symptoms are present, follow the instructions in 1.


Since PCR test kits and antigen test kits are currently difficult to obtain, we diagnose "deemed positive" in cases where the patient is a close contact and has symptoms. If you do not have any symptoms, please treat yourself at home for 7 days, using the day you took infection control measures (wearing a mask, separate room, etc.) as day 0.

If there are no symptoms, please take home treatment for 7 days, setting the day you took measures to prevent infection (wearing a mask, separate room, etc.) as the day 0. We do not perform negative certificate test due to the accuracy of PCR test and the notice from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The decision will be made according to the rules of the recuperation period.


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